Application of Light-storage Self-luminous Materials in Permeable Roads in Sponge Cities

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Inland inundation, overland flow pollution, lower groundwater levels, tropical island effect, etc. have become bottleneck problems that plague modern city construction and development. The state proposed a strategy for building a sponge city and issued a "Technical Guide for the Construction of a Sponge City", which stated that the construction of sponge cities should follow the six-character policy that is, water absorption, storage, seepage when it rains, water purification, "release" and use the stored water when needed, to solve the above-mentioned problems of modern city construction and development. Permeable roads are a key part of the construction of sponge cities. Permeable roads such as light-loaded roads, parking lots and squares, sidewalks, pedestrian streets have huge demand for permeable concrete, permeable pavement tiles, and permeable road panels. In the prior art, the manufacturing and application technology of conventional permeable concrete, permeable pavement tiles, and permeable road panels have been relatively mature. However, there are some problems that need to be solved in terms of the function of light transmission, light storage and self-emission of the surface layer.


light-loaded roads

The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the shortcomings in the prior art that water-permeable road surface layers cannot take into account both water permeability and self luminous performance, and the function of luminescent powder cannot be fully effective.


There are many advantages of the light-emitting self-luminous surface layer material when it is used for the construction of permeable roads in sponge cities. On the one hand, it has good adhesiveness, mechanical properties and water permeability to meet the requirements of load and water permeability of sponge urban roads; on the other hand, it has light transmission and light storage under sufficient light conditions, and self-luminous at night.  It not only has good decoration, instructions, and warning effects, but also can partially replace street lighting, thereby reducing road lighting energy consumption.


Compared with the prior art, the invention has the following characteristics and beneficial effects:

(1) The raw materials of the present invention are made of transparent resin as a binder, and waste glass recycled sand as an aggregate. Both the binder and the aggregate are completely transparent, and light can easily enter all parts of the surface layer material. All the dispersed luminescent powders can be excited by light irradiation, so that all the luminescent powders can play the function of light-storage and self-luminous;

multifunctional road material

(2) The material of the present invention is a multifunctional road material that takes into account good mechanical properties, adhesive properties, water permeability, light transmission properties, light storage properties, and self-luminous properties;

(3) The material of the present invention can be prefabricated into parts that can be inlaid and assembled, or can be directly cast and cured on the surface of permeable concrete, permeable pavement tiles, and permeable road panels, which can play a certain role in lighting, instructions and warning;

(4) The invention has very significant social, economic, and environmental benefits. The preparation process and operation of the product of the invention is simple, at the same time, the product is very practical.

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