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Application of Self-luminous Material in Fire Protection

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Luminescence is the process in which an object absorbs energy in some way and converts it into light radiation. The self-luminous material is one of the earliest luminescent materials that people have studied and applied. The self-luminous material is a kind of luminescent material which can absorb and store the excited light energy, then release the stored energy slowly in the form of light after the light excitation stops, and can last for several or even dozens of hours.


The self-luminous materials can store light energy and release energy automatically, and the process can be almost infinitely repeated. Therefore, the self-luminous materials can provide lighting to areas without electrical energy. At present, the self-luminous materials have been widely used in all aspects of life with the improvement of their own properties, such as the switch panel of household appliances, the dashboard of cars and so on.


self-luminous material

With the development of human civilization and society, the density of urban resident population is increasing, and many public places in cities are concentrated with a large number of people every day. Once fire, earthquake and other accidents occur in these densely populated places, how to make the crowd safely evacuate in the shortest time becomes a serious problem. All kinds of emergency evacuation signs and fire equipment signs made of self-luminous materials have been widely used in the field of fire safety and have played an important role. In the September 11 attacks, the luminous sign and indication system made of self-luminous material played an important role in the evacuation process.



Application of Self-luminous Materials in Fire Protection

In the event of fire and other dangerous emergencies, panic can often affect people's ability to distinguish directions, causing people to fall into chaos in smoke and darkness. At this time, how to quickly and effectively evacuate the crowd, guide the crowd to evacuate the dangerous area is the most important thing. In the event of a power outage, self-luminous materials that store energy and glow in the dark can be used to evacuate people. 


self-luminous materials

The evacuation indication signs made of self-luminous materials have vivid words and figures, which can indicate the route to the exit, the location of the staircase and the specific floor, so that people can effectively evacuate to the safe area.



Location of Evacuation Indication Signs

The evacuation indication signs should be reasonably placed in buildings, which plays an important role in evacuation. Usually, the evacuation indication signs are mostly placed above the door or suspended from the ceiling. However, when there is a fire, the smoke will concentrate near the ceiling, which makes it difficult to see the evacuation indication signs on the ceiling. When people get into panic, most people instinctively look down rather than up, so the evacuation indication signs should be placed close to the ground to help evacuate people. The evacuation indication signs made of self-luminous materials should be placed in places such as evacuation passages, evacuation staircases and safety exits. This allows people to escape to safe areas in the shortest possible time along the shortest route.



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