Application of Self-luminous Materials in Subway Transportation

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With the development of the national economy and the acceleration of the process of urbanization, urban transportation problems are becoming increasingly serious. As a symbol of modern urban cities, orbital traffic plays a decisive role in urban traffic. It has unique transportation capabilities, but at the same time, it costs a lot of money, and the safety issues are more prominent. People have to deal with the problems of avoiding accidents as well as the evacuation of personnel after the incident.


In subway transportation, safe evacuation indication systems made of self-luminous materials are currently widely used, and there are many types of products, such as dual-circuit emergency indicators with batteries, emergency indication signs, electroluminescent signs, LED displays, guides Stream light boxes, ordinary printed signs, self-luminous indication signs, etc. Among them, self-luminous indication signs have been valued by more and more people as new products in recent years, and it has advantages that other types of products cannot match. Self-luminous indications are mainly made of long afterglow luminescent materials through printing, spray coating, pouring and other processes, to make plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, and other marks. They are widely used on floors, walls, roofs, stairs, and other places.



As a leading company of self-luminous products, Dalian Luming Luminescence Technology Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development and trial production of self-luminous evacuation indication systems in recent years. For subway transportation, the company designed self-luminous series products, the application was carried out and the effect was very good. Here are introduction of some common types


Ground products

1. White steel self-luminous indication sign, made of white steel corrosive process filled with light-luminous material, beautiful, practical, and excellent wear resistance, especially suitable for areas with large subway traffic. The installation method is also flexible, like direct adhesive type (does not damage the original ground), ground bolt fixing type, ground sinking mosaic type etc.

2. Floor sticker labels, which are mainly a soft self luminous exit sign disposal with a transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface and a sticker on the back, which is particularly convenient to use and can be freely pasted according to needs. Because it is a soft plastic film product, it is mainly used in places with low traffic and somewhere the signs need to be changed regularly


self-luminous board

Wall products

The self-luminous light evacuation indication signs installed with certain distance or continuously installed at the lower end of the wall on both sides of the sidewalk.

1. The light-luminous board printed with a pattern mark. It is made of PVC plastic light-emitting board. It can be printed by screen printing and can be equipped with plastic injection-molded edge frames or electro-plated aluminum edge frames according to actual requirements. Because the identification back plate contains mounting holes, it can be fixedly mounted on the wall surface.

2. Emergency lighting system sign indication, using various luminous thin films produced by Dalian Luming. The back of the product is self-adhesive, so it is more convenient to use, especially for curved walls which is unmatched by other materials. As an evacuation guide for security, the instructions on the ground and the bottom of the wall are the most important. Occasionally, it can be used at the top of the door and on the ceiling.




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