Application of Self-storage Light-luminous Material in Emergency Evacuation Indication System

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The emergency evacuation indication system is one of the important measures to guide people in the building to evacuate as quickly as possible in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency. Therefore, designing an economical, reliable, easy to use, easy to manage, and maintenance-free emergency evacuation signage system is the pursuit and responsibility of every electrical engineer.


A new product, an emergency evacuation indication system composed of light-storage self-luminous materials, has been used in some projects with good results. The light-storage self-luminous material is an alkaline earth aluminate and silicate material activated by rare earth elements, which is non-toxic, non-radiative, and stable in chemical properties. It has good light absorption, light storage, and luminous properties. It can absorb visible light for 10-20 minutes, and continuously emit light for 10-12 hours in the dark. Its light-luminous materials intensity is 30 to 50 times that of fluorescent light-storage self-luminous materials with zinc sulfide as the main component.


emergency evacuation signage system

The emergency evacuation system is made of self-luminous material as an additive, which is evenly distributed in various transparent media, such as coatings, inks, plastics, printing pastes, ceramics, glass, etc., to realize the self-storage light-luminous materials function of the medium, and it can show the bright color of this pigment, showing good effect of emergency evacuation instructions and decorative landscaping.


Therefore, the emergency evacuation indication system composed of light-storage self-luminous materials has the following characteristics:

1. High reliability. There is no complicated power supply, voltage transformation, rectification, voltage stabilization, inverter, etc., but the use of ambient light to stimulate the electronic transitions in the material atoms, so an amazing number of electrons ensure the high reliability and conversion of self-storage light-luminous materials. Even if the material is partially damaged (because of fire, high pressure, impact, water immersion, etc.), its usage has no effect.


signage system

2. Cost-effective. Because the service life of the product is determined by the parent dielectric material, its life can be the same as that of the building, and its price is very low (such as the emergency evacuation exit sign is only equivalent to the same type of product with battery), and does not require a high power supply as well as the corresponding pipe, line, box installation, so this system has a better price-performance ratio than the traditional emergency evacuation indicator system.

3. Easy installation, maintenance-free and easy to manage. There are many types of products in this system, including ground series, wall series, evacuation stairs series, obstacle series, fire equipment series, etc. which can adapt to different environments and places. For example, it is easy to use the floor series in some large spaces, and it is also convenient to use the floor or wall series in some glass partition rooms. Therefore, a complete set of the system can not only facilitate the evacuation of personnel, but also instruct relevant professionals (such as firefighters, electricians, maintenance workers, etc.) to quickly and accurately find the facility in an emergency, and also prevent people in the dark from inadvertently touching.

4. Energy saving. Because no power supply is required, there is no power consumption, line loss and battery conversion etc.

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