Application range of light storage material

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With the advancement of science and the improvement of the living standards of ordinary citizens, the requirements of ordinary citizens for quality of life are getting higher and higher. Besides, the building decoration materials have also developed rapidly whose variety continues to innovate and whose consumption has increased year by year. Come and show more and more in people's daily life. Consequently, today we will discuss the application of light storage material in daily life.


Luminous Decorative Film

The luminous film is covered with stickers, which can be used for decoration and embellishment. The luminous film can be easily attached to the surface of various electrical appliances and articles. In addition, it can be directly cut into various luminous graphics and signs to stick to the required places, such as key switches, refrigerator handles, phones, table lamps and so on.


luminous graphics

The luminous film can not only be used as a visual mark, but also used as a luminous substrate to print various pattern marks on it, and make luminous prints and other decorative arts. The luminous decorative painting has a decorative effect at the same time during the day and night, which gives a new and unique sensory experience. The light-emitting board is a rigid plastic film board, which can be applied to the ceiling, wall, skirting, wall cabinet or a part of it in the living room. Furthermore, it can also be made into luminous plastic floor leather and floor blocks, which are beautiful and wear-resistant. These self-luminous materials are beautiful and elegant during the day, and equally, they have magical luminous decoration at night. At the same time, night activities of resident are more convenient because of them.


Luminescent Ceramic Products

In addition to illuminated decorative panels, there are other self-luminous product enable residents to decorate the living environment. There are many kinds of luminous ceramic products whose luminous colors are various and suitable for decoration and inlaying in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room floor. It not only beautifies the home and brings magical luminous effect to the home at night, but also facilitates residents to walk in the room at night, avoiding accidental injury. It keeps another advantage to the decoration of bars, cafes and other places, adding more elegant and mysterious colors and even improving the decoration grade.



Luminous Coatings and Luminous Paints

Architectural coatings which have functions of decoration, protection and habitability improvement, occupy an important position in decoration materials. As a new type of functional architectural coatings, luminous coatings and luminous paints which not only have various properties of ordinary coatings and paints, but also have special luminous indication functions, are widely used in all aspects of architectural coatings, such as luminous exit signs in public places, luminous road tiles on the street. Moreover, its construction process is relatively simple and can be mastered by most construction operators, especially the luminous water-based paint. The luminous water-based coating material, which is safe, non-toxic, odorless and quickly drying, timely complies with needs for environmental protection, reducing pollution, and as a consequence, it has been widely promoted and recognized by ordinary citizens.


 light storage

Light storage self-luminous fluorescent coating is a new energy coating that is self-luminous and safe without electricity. It is used on surfaces such as luminous exit sign and traffic inorganic luminous signs, which brings great convenience to people's daily life.




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