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Don’t worry about tunnel lights off ! "Black technology" lights up the light of life for you!

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When it comes to lights, it seems that it is very common. As night falls, the lights are turned on from house to house. Even if there is a power outage, there are spare emergency lights. Well, have you ever thought about it. What if it is a dark night and you drive alone in a highway tunnel deep in the mountains and the tunnel lights suddenly go out? At this time, you definitely want a lamp in the dark to guide you out of panic and darkness. The escape system of the tunnel self-luminous LED induction system achieves this function. Even if you happen to be driving into a tunnel and the tunnel lights are all off, don't worry! Because the dark tunnel will have dense blue-green light at this time, guiding you out of the darkness. The light goes straight to the other exit of the tunnel.



So here comes the problem.

1. What is a self-luminous LED induction system?

It is said that the system uses self-luminous LED induction system as the core, and the power supply and distribution system uses DC24V as the reference voltage. The induction controller adopts ARM10 micro-processing system, built-in intelligent processing program, and it sets the self-luminous induction system operation mode. The induction light flicker frequency and the proportion of light and dark time can be set, which can adapt to the traffic guidance needs under different tunnel and different lighting conditions.



2. What is the principle of the self-luminous LED induction system?

The key material is an energy-storage type self-luminous material, which works through the principle of light absorption-light storage-self-luminescence.

During the day, it only needs to absorb natural light or light energy from motor vehicles and various types of lighting in 5 to 15 minutes, and then it can be used as a light source at night and under wireless light environment. It can spontaneously emit yellow, blue and green light for 12 hours at night.


The person in charge introduced:

1) An induction sign is installed on the side wall of the cable trench. One is installed every 3 meters, and the upper and lower rows are staggered.

2) The distance between Self-luminous escape exit azimuth and distance signs is 100 meters.

3) LED self-illuminated signs for fire fighting entrance should be installed 4 in each fire box.

4) LED self-illuminated signs for fire extinguishing equipment should be installed one in each place.

5) LED self-illuminated signs for the frame of the tunnel electrical cabinet should be installed 9 in each place.



3. Advantages of the self-luminous LED induction system

The self-luminous material of emergency induction has a long light-emitting time, and can provide 12 hours of emergency induction after the mains power is cut off, which is much longer than the emergency time of the existing mechanical and electrical facilities in the tunnel (30 minutes for emergency power supply of UPS system, and battery supply time for fire sign lights 90 minutes).



Due to its energy saving and environmental protection, self-luminous materials have been applied to more and more fields and self-luminous products.



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