Emergency Guidance System of Electro-optic Energy Storage and Self-luminous Products in Highway Tunnel

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When a car passes through a dark tunnel, it often causes accidents due to blurred vision. However, it is difficult to realize the idea of making every tunnel electrified and installed electric lights. To solve this problem, the emergency guidance system that mainly depends on the self-luminous materials appears in recent years. In the following, we are going to learn about that meaningful system.



1. Brief Introduction

According to the principle of reverse reflection and Maslow's demand theory, the emergency guidance system of electro-optic energy storage and self illumination in highway tunnel is developed and utilized around tunnel safety guidance and self-luminous materials. The tunnel vault and side wall are equipped with self-luminous products, which play a role of reflection and light enhancement under the irradiation of active light. It can obviously increase the tunnel brightness and tunnel identification, so as to help the driver to judge the tunnel width and slow down the visual and psychological fatigue, which is conducive to improving driving safety. It has changed the traditional mode of tunnel relying on power consumption and lighting, and implemented the revolutionary change of energy saving, safety and beauty of tunnel. What is more, it is a leading scientific and technological achievement at home and abroad.



2. Environmental Protection

The system uses the combination of active light-emitting and passive light-emitting to form a combination of high energy-saving rate. With the solar power generation mode, the power consumption is less than 10 degrees during the whole day of operation, and the energy-saving rate is as high as 95%. The energy consumption of the emergency system is almost zero because of the use of the inorganic self-luminous materials.


safety signs


3. Comfortable and Beautiful

The tunnel is a high incidence area of traffic accidents, and this tunnel electro-optic energy storage emergency guidance system emits light in 24 hours. The regular circular guidance arrangement is used to guide the driver's vision, so that he can actively control the speed to a reasonable setting range. For the driver, on the basis of seeing the line and obstacles clearly, he should be able to build a visual reference system of space, speed and distance sense to slow down the illusion of speed, distance and direction. Owing to the help of self-luminous materials, the black-and-white tunnel effect is greatly alleviated when vehicles pass through the tunnel, so as to reduce the incidence of tunnel traffic accidents.


In addition, the self-luminous lights add colors of the tunnel to create a colorful and dreamlike beauty. The color changes from time to time and brings a happy mood to the drivers and passengers, just like walking through the time tunnel. Different colors and different frequency information of self-luminous products create a lively and easy driving environment for drivers, which can increase the driving fun of the tunnel and reduce the driver's driving fatigue.


light-emitting guidance system


4. Safety and Stability

The conventional escape light-emitting guidance system in tunnel mainly relies on UPS emergency power supply and escape signs with the battery. In the tunnel environment, the traditional escape facilities of the electric storage are easy to be damaged, and the maintenance cost is high. The new system replaces the traditional battery with its own self-luminous materials, which can emit light normally for 12 hours in the dark environment without the influence of power interruption. In this case, the trapped people can escape in an emergency. In case of fire, the light storage of inorganic self-luminous materials is conducive to identify the direction of escape.




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