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Energy Storage Self-luminous Emergency Escape System for Tunnel

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In recent years, China's transportation industry has developed rapidly, and the number of tunnels has increased dramatically. Accompanying these incidents frequently happen in the tunnels. Fires and collapses are also startling. Fires in tunnels are often accompanied by smoke, which is shrouded in smoke and cannot be seen by human eyes under ordinary lighting in the tunnel. The normal lighting system is also vulnerable to failure due to power line damage. Once a power outage occurs in the tunnel, especially the emergency power supply cannot effectively supply at the same time, it will cause the entire tunnel to be in darkness, increasing the insecurities of personnel and other negative psychological factors, which will easily cause the severity of the accident to increase, causing major casualties and property damage. Therefore, safe escape in tunnels has attracted increasing attention, and research on self-luminous escape systems that do not rely on electricity and power supply equipment is needed. In addition to the ordinary traffic safety facilities in the tunnel, a self-luminous emergency escape system needs to be set up to improve the safety level of the tunnel.


Performance Indicators of Self-luminous Materials for Tunnel

Use alkaline earth aluminate long afterglow self-luminous material activated by rare earth elements. Aiming at the special conditions of high humidity and low ambient illumination in the tunnel, the indicators such as the luminous brightness, temperature resistance and water resistance of the self-luminous sign with light light storage were studied to evaluate the performance of self-luminous materials.


long afterglow self-luminous material

Design of the Escape System


1. Composition of Escape System

The tunnel escape system consists of an escape route, an escape channel, fire fighting facilities, fire alarm facilities and power control facilities.


1.1 Escape Route

Attachment-type escape contour signs are installed on the side walls of the tunnel, and divider line protruding road signs are installed on the tunnel pavement markings to play a guiding role. Install the self-luminous escape exit azimuth and distance signs on the side wall of the tunnel to inform the orientation and distance of the safety exit. The self-luminous corner trip barrier sign is installed on the maintenance channel (cable trough cover), which plays a role of guiding escape personnel and separating sidewalks and motor vehicles.


1.2 Escape Channel

Install self-luminous frame bar markers on the car channel door and sidewalk tunnel door frames, and install self-luminous arrow signs on the side walls of the main tunnel on both sides of the channel to play a role in indicating the location of the corresponding caverns.

1.3 Fire Fighting Facilities

Install self-luminous border bars on the surrounding wall of the fire box cavity to indicate the position of the corresponding cavern. At the same time, install self-luminous fire fighting facilities indication signs to accurately indicate the location of fire fighting facilities.

1.4 Fire alarm facilities

A self-luminous fire alarm button sign is installed on the wall near the fire alarm button to accurately indicate the position of the alarm button.

1.5 Power Control Facilities

Install self-luminous frame bar labels on the side walls of the two sides of the power distribution cabinet chamber to indicate the position of the corresponding chamber.

self-luminous products

2. Sign Design of Escape System

With reference to relevant research results at home and abroad and China's relevant regulations, the size and layout of self-luminous signs are reasonably designed.


2.1 Self-luminous safe escape exit direction and distance sign (MHSE) for tunnels: sign for the main tunnel, the size of the car channel is 370mmX1020mm. One for every 20m. The size of the car channel and the pedestrian channel is 300mmx800mm, one for each 10m, directly fixed on the side wall of the tunnel, playing the role of informing the direction and distance of the safety exit


2.2 Tunnel attached escape outline sign (MHSL): a diamond-shaped block with a size of 350mmx360mm, one for each 20m, directly fixed on the main tunnel side wall, playing the role of instruction and guidance


2.3 Self-luminous corner trip sign for tunnel (MH-SZ): 110mmX230mmL type, 110x100mmL type modified structure, one for each 4m, directly fixed on the sidewalk in the tunnel by the edge of the motorway, playing a role in guiding escapees to separate sidewalks and motor vehicles.


2.4 Self-luminous frame bar marking for tunnels (MHST): The bar marking specifications of the power distribution cabinet are 150mmx2000mm, installed on both sides of the power distribution cabinet. Fireboxes are 150mmx1250mm and 150mmX2000mm, installed on three sides of the firebox (left, right, top)


2.5 Self-luminous fire alarm button sign (MHSB) for tunnels: The specification is 300x300mm, and it is installed under the fire alarm button to accurately indicate the position of the alarm button.



2.6 Self-luminous fire fighting facility indication sign (MHSM) for tunnels: The size of the sign is 600mmx600mm. It is located next to the fire box in the tunnel and is arranged symmetrically with the fire alarm button to play a role in accurately indicating the location of the fire-fighting facility.


2.7 Self-luminous dividing line protruding road sign for tunnel (MHJD): a square with a size of 100x100mm or a circle with a diameter of 110mm, one for each 20m, and it should be arranged corresponding to the self-luminous corner barrier sign for tunnel, directly fixed on the ground marking on the tunnel, it plays the role of instruction and guidance.


Self-luminous material is a new type of environmentally friendly material, and is also used in other self-luminous products.



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