Energy-storage Self-luminous Protruding Road Sign

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Protruding road signs, also known as road spikes. It is a protruding marking block fixed on the pavement that acts as a marking line. It can be used to mark the center line, lane boundary, and edge line on highways or other roads; it can also be used to mark curves, entrance and exit ramps, diversion marking lines, road narrowing, road obstacles and other dangerous roads. The function of protruding road signs is to remind the driver to drive in the lane through its retro-reflective performance. At present, the protruding road signs on the market only have the function of retro-reflection, and the outline of the lane can only be drawn under the illumination of the headlights. Energy-storage self-luminous protrusion road sign is not suitable for the motor vehicles and pedestrians of mountain, rural areas without lights, which has certain risks for people who pass from these places.


The purpose of the utility model is to provide a reasonable design, which can meet the use requirements of low light absorption requirements, long lighting duration and good stability. Energy-storage self-luminous protruding road signs are not only suitable for mixed roads of ordinary motor vehicles and pedestrians, but also suitable for mixed roads of motor vehicles and pedestrians in the mountains, rural roads and parks without street lights, which can provide road guidance for pedestrians at night and also guarantee driving safety.


luminous protrusion road sign

To this end, the utility model invention provides an energy-storage self-luminous protruding road sign, which includes interlocking square-shaped lower bases and upper bases. There are solid round holes in the center of the rows and small prisms around the square. Four inclined surfaces extend upwards around the upper base, and the inclined surfaces depend on each other. The tops of the four inclined surfaces extend along its length to form a rectangular platform. What’s more, a rectangular energy-storage self-luminous reflector is provided in the center of the rectangular platform. At the same time, the self-luminous reflector has a certain distance around the platform. C-shaped reflectors are provided on two symmetrically inclined surfaces, and an arc-shaped grip is provided in the middle of the other symmetrical inclined plane.


The beneficial effect of the energy-storage self-luminous protruding road sign is that the the utility model can absorb natural light during the day, and can emit light for 8-10 hours in the dark, while maintaining the excellent retro reflection of the original road sign. Energy-storage self-luminous protruding road signs are not only suitable for ordinary motor vehicles and pedestrian mixed roads, but also suitable for the motor vehicles and pedestrian mixed roads of mountain, rural areas and parks without emergency light. What’s more, it can also play a role in the induction of sight during the day. In addition, the energy-storage self-luminous protrusion road sign provided by the utility model can prevent water accumulation and dust accumulation, and effectively ensure the light absorption and luminous effects of the protrusion road sign.



The use of energy-storage self-luminous protruding road signs can greatly reduce the probability of accidents. At the same time, this is energy saving and environmental protection, which should be promoted in cities and rural areas.




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