Environmental-friendly Energy Storage Self-luminous Material Structure

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The development of new energy sources and energy conservation have become the common needs of people in the world today. With the maturity of optoelectronic technology, many countries have shifted their research focus to how to achieve light-to-light conversion of materials, that is, to store light and then emit light. The third generation of light-emitting self-luminous materials was introduced in China in the 1990s. Compared with the previous two generations of self-luminous materials, this material has significant advantages such as non-toxicity and non-radioactivity.


The light-luminous mechanism of this material is a microscopic physical process. Due to the characteristics of the structure of the rare earth material: the outer electrons of the atom have a transition from a low energy level to a high energy level under the light, and fall into the structure electron trap, thereby storing light in the dark, the electrons can recover from a high energy level to a low level, thereby emitting light. When more such light fly in the night sky like stars, our lives will be brighter.


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Introduction to Environmental-friendly Energy Storage Self-luminous Material Structure

The environmental protection energy storage self-luminous structure has the features of safety, energy saving, environmental protection, energy storage and self-luminous. It can withstand harsh environments such as sun exposure, wind, rain, and freeze. Under strong ultraviolet radiation, it does not turn black and does not deteriorate. It can maintain a good light state under natural conditions. Non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive material, no burning, no harmful heavy metal elements. It is safe and free from environmental pollution during production, and there is no exhaust emission. It does not require power or other artificial energy when in use. It makes full use of natural light sources to absorb light and store energy. The light-emitting process can be infinitely cycled, and the light-emitting service life is more than ten years. The luminous effect at night is remarkable, the production process is simple, and it meets environmental protection requirements. The invention has good luminous performance, diverse colors and wide application range.



Object of the Invention

Currently, places or things such as subway stations, site attractions, bridges, traffic barriers, roads, non-motor vehicle bodies, backpacks, etc. cannot emit light at night, so the warning effect at night is poor, the identification is unclear, and there are potential risks. In order to enhance the beauty of the city, establish an overall image of the city, save energy, facilitate people to travel at night and improve their recognition ability, prevent various accidents, enhance people's sense of security, and improve people's quality of life at night, the invention provides an environmental friendly energy storage self-illuminating structure.

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First, the surface of the substrate is subjected to rust removal, dust removal and anti-corrosion treatment. Secondly, outlines of various characters, buildings, characters, etc. are provided on the outer surface of the base body. Third, stencils are engraved on the contour and printed or spray-painted with adhesive. Polish with gauze to make the surface smooth and flat. Finally, the environmental-friendly self-luminous light material is printed or spray-painted on the surface of the adhesive. When it is completely cured, it is made into an environmental-friendly energy storage self-luminous structure.




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