Highway Tunnel Electro-optic Energy-storage Self-luminous Induction System

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Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the implementation of the strategy for the development of the western region and the strategy for the rise of the central region, the scale of highway transportation has been expanding, and technological progress has reached new levels. The construction of highway tunnels has increasingly attracted people's attention in the construction of highways in mountainous and hilly areas in the Midwest. In the past ten years, many long tunnels and tunnel groups have been built in China, and the proportion of tunnels in highway mileage has been increasing. Highway tunnel is a special section on the highway, the space environment is narrow and light changes greatly. The high speed, large traffic volume, and the exhaust emissions of the vehicle may leads to the deterioration of the air quality in the tunnel, thus there is a potential risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, people are paying more and more attention to improving the driving environment of highway tunnels, strengthening accident rescue and traffic control in highway tunnels. At present, many cities are replacing the existing street lamps with LED street lamps with higher efficiency and longer life to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. But what followed was a complaint that the lamp was too dazzling.


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Now introduce a new kind of lighting system which can avoid problems mentioned above: highway tunnel electro-optic energy-storage self-luminous induction system. It includes a photovoltaic power supply system and an LED excitation energy-storage self-luminous lighting induction device installed in the tunnel. The photovoltaic power supply system serves as a power supply end to supply power to the LED excitation energy-storage self-luminous lighting induction system. The light box body is distributed in an arc shape along the curved surface of the tunnel inner wall. And the arc surface is divided into a left arc surface and a right arc surface. At least one LED excitation energy-storage self-luminous lighting induction device is provided on the left arc surface and the right arc surface. The LED excitation energy-storage self-luminous lighting induction device includes an LED control box connected to a photovoltaic power supply system and a light box body. The light box body includes a light box, an LED luminous body controlled by the LED control box, and a self-luminous area. The light box has a containing cavity. The LED luminous body is placed in the accommodating cavity, and the self-luminous area includes an energy-storage self-luminous part which is equipped on the outer surface end of the light box or the inner wall of the accommodating cavity, and at least one reflective part is outside the light box.



First of all, the LED luminous body can convey the high-brightness induction sign LED lights in the tunnel to remind the passing drivers, to ensure that the passing signs are not misled by the induced signs. When the light in the tunnel is not bright enough, the environment brightness detection system will adjust the LED luminous body, at the same time, the energy-storage self-luminous part added by the invention can absorb the light source emitted by the LED luminous body for energy-storage. Illumination can warn drivers. On the one hand, it improves safety and prevents traffic accidents. At last, it can save energy, reduce the use of LED lights.




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