How Does Glow in the Dark Material Work?

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The light-storing self-luminous material actively absorbs visible light such as sunlight, light, ultraviolet light, and stray light for 5-10 minutes, and can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark, and you can make it emit red, green, blue, yellow, purple and other colored lights according to your needs. A self-luminous film containing self-luminous material includes a transparent protective layer, a light-emitting layer, a light-reflecting layer, an adhesive layer, and a release paper layer. The transparent protective layer and the reflective layer are disposed on both sides of the light-emitting layer, and the adhesive layer and the reflective layer are bonded.



Luminous Principle of Luminescent Film

The molecules of the alkaline earth aluminate and silicate materials activated by the rare earth elements or the electrons around the atoms are excited by external energy such as heat, light, and rays, and then transition from the ground state to the excited state, which is in an unstable state. When the external excitation stops and it returns to the ground state, the excited state electrons gradually emit light according to the environmental heat.



Product Performance and Characteristics of Luminescent Film

1. It has the properties of light absorption, light storage, and luminescence. As long as it absorbs all kinds of visible light such as sunlight, light, environmental stray light for 10-20 minutes, it can continuously emit light in the dark.


2. It is with diverse product series and colors. Without power, you can adjust the light-emitting time through the product process design according to actual needs, and make it emit red, green, blue, yellow and other colored lights, giving people more info instructions in the dark. Its luminous brightness and luminous time are 30-50 times that of traditional fluorescent materials.


3. It can be cut into various shapes and pasted on the surface of various equipment and articles. It has a certain decorative effect, and it is novel and strange at night.


light storage

4. According to the actual needs of public places, it can be installed on different parts of the ground, ladder, and roof. It is simple to install and easy to maintain.


5. In order to ensure the luminous brightness and avoid the color difference, the same place should use the same production batch of light-emitting film.


6. The luminescent film is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and has stable chemical properties.


7. It has a certain resistance to salt water and detergent. If the surface is stained with oil and dust, it can be washed with detergent.



Application  Range of Luminescent Film

The luminescent film can absorb light energy in a light environment and emit light in a light-free environment. It can be used for warning, prohibition or instruction in fire, traffic, and public places. It can be used for signs such as life-saving equipment on vehicles. It can also be used for house numbers, street signs, aisles and switch signs. At the same time, the luminescent film is an important functional material and plays a very important role in cathode ray tubes, electroluminescence, and field emission display devices.


self-luminous material 


1. It should be affixed on a flat surface, and the temperature of the environment is 10 ~ 40 ℃.


2. The surface of the object to be pasted shall be cleaned, and the surface shall be free of oil and dust.


3. The luminescent film has a certain thermal expansion and contraction. For this reason, the film cannot be placed randomly. Instead, it should be clamped or weighted and placed in a relative humidity of 40 to 60% to prevent deformation and curling.



4. Apply a certain amount of pressure when pasting to ensure that the paste is flat and the corners are firmly attached.


5. It should be stored in a ventilated, dry and cool warehouse, with a storage temperature of 15-30 ° C and a relative humidity of 40-60%.



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