Innovative Application of New Environmentally Friendly Materials in Clothing Design: A Case Study of Rare Earth Self-luminous Materials

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As the environment is getting worse and worse, the concept of ecological design with environmental protection as the main theme has generally risen in all areas of design, and has become the focus of public attention. Designers try to apply various environmentally-friendly materials to design practices such as architectural design, industrial design, product design, and clothing design, which not only arouse people's awareness of environmental protection, but also enrich the ethical connotation of modern design and future design.



1. Overview of Environmentally Friendly Design Concepts for Clothing

Environmental clothing design, also known as ecological design (Green Design), refers to incorporating environmental factors into the design, thereby helping to determine the direction of design decisions. Ecological design requires that environmental factors be considered at all stages of product development, reducing the impact on the environment from the entire life cycle of the product, and ultimately leading to a more sustainable production and consumption system.

ecological design

The current embodiment of ecological design in the field of fashion design mainly includes the following aspects:

1) Give full play to the original appearance of the fabric.

2) Try to use natural fiber materials.

3) Minimize waste of materials.

4) Promote the application of new environmentally friendly materials.


2. Application requirements of rare earth self-luminous materials in clothing design

Rare earth is a huge treasure trove of self-luminous materials. Rare earth self-luminous materials have high color purity, bright colors, wide emission spectrum range. From the ultraviolet spectrum to the infrared spectrum, the fluorescence lifetime spans six orders of magnitude from nanoseconds to milliseconds, and phosphorescence is up to more than ten hours. In addition, rare earth self-luminous materials have stable physical and chemical properties. At present, rare earth self-luminous materials have been widely used in many self-luminous products, such as display imaging, new light sources, nuclear physical detection and other fields, and have expanded to other high-tech fields. The self-luminous material can not only save electricity better, but also has a simple structure, it can be reused for a long time, has no radioactive radiation, and does not endanger human health.

The current clothing design industry has problems such as plagiarism in clothing design, and similar in design styles. This has caused some obstacles to the clothing creative industry, and at the same time it is not conducive to talented designers to show their creativity. In the creative design of clothing, not only the continuous innovation in style, but more inspiration is needed to strengthen the charm of clothing design. Designers can use other methods based on the style to reflect the beauty of clothing. Different ideas bring clothing design to a deeper level. Therefore, we combines the advantages of rare-earth light-emitting materials and cleverly uses them on clothing, which will definitely achieve a distinctive effect and increase the novelty and interest of clothing.

 fashion design

The new rare-earth light-emitting material is an inorganic functional powder material that is synthesized by using a rare-earth element compound through high temperature, which can absorb various forms of energy from the outside and convert it into unbalanced light radiation. Therefore, two problems must be solved in the application process:


1) How to cleverly apply self-luminous materials to clothing design. Because inorganic powder materials are not easy to be directly applied to clothing, the materials need to be converted into another form of existence before design.


2) How to achieve better design effect

Whether the self-luminous materials used in clothing design can break through the monotony of traditional clothing, whether they can create novel and unique styles, and whether they are integrated with the content in clothing design. In terms of existing clothing styles, is it possible to achieve harmony between the clothing style and the style of the rare earth luminescent material.



3. Application of rare earth self-luminous materials in clothing design

The solution of the above two key problems directly affects the application effect of rare earth self-luminous materials in clothing design. The application of new environmentally friendly materials in fashion design not only meets the demands of consumers environmental protection concept, but also enriches fashion design thinking and expands fashion design approaches.




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