Introducing the latest self-luminous floor lamps!

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Ground foot light is a common light, it is widely used in outdoor and indoor public areas, especially in parks, but a self-luminous ground foot light has recently appeared on the market. What does it look like? Let's take a look together.



Defects of traditional floor lamps

The existing floor lamps usually use a traditional light-emitting body to emit light through a light-transmitting plate. There are certain disadvantages to this type of floor lamp. The light source mainly comes from the light emitter, and the light emitter itself consumes large energy, and it is located in the open-air environment for a long time, and the failure rate is large. Therefore, in actual use, the foot lamp often does not turn on. In addition, the power consumption of this foot lamp is relatively large.


self-luminous material


Introduction of new self-illuminating floor lamp

Recently, a self-luminous ground foot light is disclosed, which belongs to the field of ground-foot lamps and includes a base. A light-storage panel assembly is also installed on the base; The supplementary light source is connected with a control unit and a sensor that controls its opening and closing. The sensor senses the surrounding environment parameters and feeds back to the control unit to control the supplementary light source to be turned on or off. Its advantage is that it can let the floor lamp realize self-illumination, reduce the failure rate, and consume less power.



The beneficial effects of the new self-illuminating floor lamp

Instead of providing a luminous body in the floor lamp, a light-storage plate is used. The light-storage plate is a panel made of a light-storage material, or a light-storage coating is coated on the panel to make a light-storage plate. When the external light condition satisfies the light storage condition, the light storage fluorescent light-emitting panel can store energy, and when the light condition cannot meet the light storage condition, the light storage plate can realize self-emission.


By using the principle of the light storage plate to emit light, the ground foot lamp can have the characteristics of fast energy storage during the day, and slow release of light energy at night or in the absence of light, which can prevent the ground foot lamp from turning off due to the failure of the light body, and the energy consumption is much lower than traditional floor lamps.


In addition, it also adds a supplementary light source that supplements the light storage plate.The supplementary light source is turned on and off by the sensor.When the environmental parameters around the local foot lamp change, the sensor sends a signal to the control unit to control the supplementary Light source. With this structure, when the light-storage plate has insufficient absorption of natural light, the light-storage plate can be quickly supplemented with a supplementary light source, and the light-storage plate can supplement its self-luminous brightness after absorbing the light from the supplemental light source.


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