Introduction of luminous Road Tile and Its Application

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At night, people often feel lonely and afraid. And a little light in the night can make people feel warm. A product introduced in this paper is luminous road tile, it is a self-luminous product with the function of reflection. People can use this product in different places to decorate roads and ensure traffic safety.


Ensure Traffic Safety

Drivers always need to be very careful to avoid accidents when cars are on rough roads. At night, these roads become more complicated by lack of light, which is very dangerous for drivers. For the safety of driving, people install the luminous road tile on the both sides of the road. This product can absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night. Because the luminous road tile has reflective function and self-luminous function, it is able to mark the edge of the road at night to prevent cars from driving out of the road. Besides being installed on mountain roads, the luminous road tiles are also installed on roads in the city. Although street lamps are installed on both sides of roads in the city, the light of street lamps may be blocked, affecting drivers to drive. In addition, when it comes to rainy, foggy and other weather, the light of street lamps will be weakened, which is also not conducive to traffic safety. As a result, the luminous road tiles also need to be installed on both sides of the road inside the city.

 luminous road tile

Decorate Roads

The luminous road tile can be used to beautify the landscape in the city. The luminous road tile can be installed in the park path, the corner of the stairs, the path without street lamps, mountaineering roads and other places to remind passers-by to pay attention to safety. The luminous road tile can be installed anywhere that requires safety warnings so people don't have to use flashlights to light up roads at night. At the same time, the luminous road tile can also be used to decorate roads. Its light not only gives people directions, but also creates a romantic atmosphere. People can run, walk and feel the romantic atmosphere on this road with their loved ones at night.


luminous road tiles

The luminous road tile is made of light storage and self-luminous materials. This material has the function of absorbing light energy, storing light energy and releasing light energy. It only needs to absorb natural light, ultraviolet light, lamp light and other visible light for 5 to 15 minutes to continuously shine at night. As a source of light at night and in lightless environments, this material can emit light for a long time without any other energy source, which can provide lighting and safety instructions for pedestrians and cars at night on roads. This material is also used to make safety indication signs for providing safe evacuation routes for people in buildings. This material has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, has been widely used in various fields, and is a new material with good development prospects.




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