Light-storage Self-luminous Evacuation Indicator

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Evacuation instruction signs are one of the important fire protection facilities to ensure the safety and rapid escape of personnel in a fire. The setting of illuminated evacuation indication signs on the evacuation walkway and main evacuation routes or walls near the ground can effectively help people identify the evacuation location and direction in time when the smoke is thick, which plays a very important role for evacuating. At present, there are mainly two types of evacuation instruction sings in buildings: one is an electroluminescence evacuation indicator (light type, electronic display, etc.); the other is a photoluminescence evacuation indicator (mainly Light-storing self-luminous type). The conventionally used electroluminescence evacuation indication signs include a complete set of circuits, electrical appliances, and battery systems, which require regular maintenance and it is difficult to obtain a long-term safety factor. The core material of the light-storage self-luminous evacuation indication system has the properties of light absorption, light storage, and light emission. After absorbing various visible light, it can continuously emit light in the dark. Therefore, light-storing self-luminous evacuation indication signs are gradually popularized. However, there are also some problems in the application process, which are worth exploring.



The application examples of light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicators

According to the US Newsweek, the 39-year-old Richard Faun, the technical support manager of the European brokerage company, survivor of the "9.11" incident, said that the corridor was dark when he escaped, what can only be seen are the luminous stripes on the stairs and handrails, so he did not hesitate to make the decision to go down the stairs along the luminous stripes. The United States Pentagon was renovated. The corridor inside the building was also equipped with a self-luminous safety evacuation instruction system with a width of 12 cm and a total length of 28 km.


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Advantages of light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicators

The raw materials of the light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicator system are mainly extracted from the rare earths in China. They are high-tech self-luminous products using alkaline earth aluminates and silicates activated by rare earth elements. The light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicator naturally absorbs light for 10-30 rain under ordinary indoor light, and can continuously emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark at night, and the light-absorbing process can be repeated forever. The conversion time is safe and reliable. The luminous brightness and duration are 30 to 50 times that of traditional luminous materials, and the luminous materials are non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, and do not pollute the environment. When there is an accident or a power outage in a public place, people are prone to confusion in a completely dark state, and the light-emitting self-luminous evacuation indicator system can provide continuous and clear instructions. In an emergency, people can escape under the guidance of self-luminous signs.


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Disadvantages of light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicators

First, the current relevant national standards all have only some principled provisions, which cannot guide the design construction and fire supervision well. Second, for places with no natural lighting or poor lighting conditions, such as stairwells and walkways, it is difficult to guarantee light storage because there is no light source. Third, the light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicator has the disadvantage of poor light penetration, so the use effect is not good when the fire smoke is thick. Fourth, the production quality of some products is poor, and the service life is not long. After several times of light storage and light emission, the effect is significantly reduced.




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