Luminous Tape with Anti-Slip and Light-Storage Properties and Its Preparation Method

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Non-slip tape has been widely used in industry, commerce, catering services, hospitals, swimming pools, sports venues and home activities. However, if the user encounters some special situations, such as a sudden power failure or some environments where the lighting environment is not perfect, self-luminous products are needed to provide users with more effective help. Today, we will teach you how to make luminescent tape with non-slip and light-storage properties.


Step 1

In terms of parts by weight, the material for making the sol requires 8-15 parts of rare earth elements, 2-6 parts of titanium dioxide, 12-25 parts of alkaline earth aluminate and 20-35 parts of alkaline earth silicate. Then, these materials were put into a reaction kettle and thoroughly stirred. After reacting for 20 to 30 minutes, the cross-linking agent is added to the reaction kettle, and the reaction is stirred and dispersed for 48 to 52 hours to obtain a flowable semi-liquid sol.


Step 2

The PET tape substrate is used to make a 50 mm x 10 mm x 100 um tape sample. The prepared sol needs to be uniformly coated on the surface of the tape sample, and then baked at 60 ° C in a closed drying box, and finally passed through a 60-meter drying device at a constant speed of five meters per minute to obtain tape base material with light-storage and luminescent film layer.



Step 3

Acrylic glue and resin cross-linking agent are fully stirred in a container to obtain a liquid glue.


Step 4

The liquid glue obtained in step 3 needs to be uniformly coated on the double-plastic single-silicon release paper, and after the setting, a release paper with an adhesive layer is obtained.


Step 5

The tape base material with the light-storage and light-emitting film layer obtained in step 2 is compounded on the adhesive layer of the release paper to obtain a tape with a light-storage and light-emitting function.


Step 6

First, the cloth acrylic glue was uniformly coated on the light-storage light-emitting film layer. By electrostatic adsorption equipment, the diamond particles with a screening fineness of 40-80 mesh are adsorbed on the light-storage and light-emitting film layer coated with acrylic glue, and is dried and cured at a constant temperature of 60 ° C through a 20-meter drying channel. The curing time is 10-15min. Subsequently, the cloth acrylic glue was coated again on the light-storage and light-emitting film layer with the diamond particles adsorbed, and dried and solidified at a constant temperature of 60 ° C through a 50-meter drying channel. The curing time is 30-50min. Through the above steps of application, drying and curing, an adhesive tape with anti-slip and light-storage properties is obtained. Among them, the diamond particles adsorbed on the light-storage and light-emitting film layer form a non-slip layer of the adhesive tape.




Not only self-luminous tape, other self-luminous products, such as self-luminous light, luminous exit sign, and luminous road tile, but also can give users a warning effect in the dark. In addition to the advantages of self-illumination, these products do not require electricity and provide users with a safe and hygienic environment.




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