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After 10 minutes of actively absorbing light, the light storage luminescent material can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark, and it can emit red, green, blue and other color according to actual needs. Its unique high brightness, fast light absorption, long light storage, good chemical stability and weather resistance make it widely used in various fields such as building decoration, transportation, advertising plaques, jewelry and so on. The light storage self-luminous material has the great development prospect.


self-luminous sign


Luminous Paint

Noctilucent paint, as a functional coating, is formulated from noctilucent pigment, base material and various additives. After applying luminous paint, it absorbs light for 10 to 30 minutes, and can continuously emit light for 12 hours in the dark. The light absorption and light emission process can be infinitely cycled, showing good low-level emergency lighting, indicating signs and decorative landscaping effects. Luminous paint can be used for drawing or casting crafts on the surface of wood, metal, and instrument dial. It does not change the characteristics of the original paint and serves as a decorative indicator. With good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and water and oil resistance. Moreover, it is convenient to dry quickly and it has good adhesion. The luminous paint can be applied on a variety of substrates, such as metal, wood, stone plastic, etc.



Luminous Ink

Luminous ink is a mixture of luminous pigment and ordinary sleeve ink according to a certain ratio. After absorbing sunlight or natural light for a certain period of time, it can continue to emit light for more than several hours in the dark. The light storage and light emission processes can be repeated. It has the advantages of safety, non-toxicity, no radioactive elements, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, resistance to heavy metal ions, resistance to humidity, resistance to acid and alkali. Luminous ink can be used to print plastic, metal paper, woodware and other items to achieve good decoration and lighting effects. The self-luminous products printed by luminous printing have exquisite appearance, long-lasting luminescence and wide application field.


self-luminous sign


Luminous Fiber

As an emerging fiber material, luminous fiber has been made into luminous products such as luminous rope, luminous cloth, etc. And it has been widely used in the military, fire protection, marine transportation, fishing and daily life industries. For example, the marine fishing industry makes use of the phototaxis of fish, and makes fishing nets and fishing ropes with light-emitting fibers, which can greatly increase the fishing volume, thereby achieving higher economic benefits and production efficiency.



Luminous Cement

There is a kind of night light road in Finland, which is built with luminous cement. This kind of cement uses the sunlight in the daytime and the light at night to store certain energy. The self-luminous light can show various signs of the road, divide lanes and road sections, which is convenient for driving at night and reduce the incidence of driving accidents at night. Luminous cement can directly use the sunlight and the light of the traffic lights to store energy, which will flash at night. This kind of road adds luster to the city's night scene, facilitates night traffic and is conducive to traffic safety.



At present, the most common application of light storage luminous materials is the luminous exit sign. The exit sign is one of the important fire-fighting facilities to ensure the safety and quick escape of people after a fire. It can effectively help people to identify the evacuation location and direction in a timely manner in the case of thick smoke, avoid causing casualties, and play a very important role in the safe evacuation.



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