New Steady Persistence Self-luminescence Materials Application Experimentation in Freshwater Bridge and Culvert

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The rapid development of the social economy has promoted the comprehensive and rapid development of the transportation system, as well as inland water navigation. For example, the navigation mileage has increased, the number of sailing vessels has increased, and the number of bridges and pipelines has continued to increase. However, while this development trend has played a positive role in promoting the national economy, it has also brought many unsafe factors to inland navigation. Especially when the ship is sailing at night, the trans-navigation buildings and structures are far away from the urban area, and the visibility is low.

reflective materials

If there is no obvious sign, the ship and inter-navigation buildings and structures may collide together. In order to prevent the collision of ships with bridges at night, and at the same time can save energy and protect the environment, a combination of constant afterglow shydropower station safety sign and reflective materials is used to make bridge culverts. This bridge culvert has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and maintenance-free of the material itself, and can meet the requirements for guiding ships to pass at night.


There are three problems in the current code: First, only the shape and material of the logo are regulated in the code, but there is no clear stipulation on what standard to achieve; the second is that the bridge and culvert light standards produced in accordance with the current specifications are easily damaged, the maintenance is difficult and costly; the third is that the anti-cursor in the bridge and culvert standards can only be illuminated when there have self luminous exit, which is not practical.


In order to ensure the strength, service life, and consider the production and installation of signs, different base materials such as ordinary steel plates, aluminum plates, plastic plates, and stainless steel plates were tested. Considering from the indicators of aging resistance, not easy to peel off, easy to install, etc., it was finally decided to use stainless steel plate as the base material. At the same time, the particle size of the material and other mixed materials are relatively high. This test uses acrylic materials with good weather resistance, and the spray test is performed by the shower curtain method. It has passed dozens of tests under the premise of ensuring the characteristics, strength and adhesion of the self-luminous material. The problems of difficult curing and poor adhesion are well solved. In order to make the bridge pillars and bridge names reach a clear position in the absence of light, and can be more prominent under strong light, and have the same properties as other reflective traffic signs, the application of reflective materials was added during the trial production process. In this test, reflective materials are used on the edge of the sign and self-luminous materials are used in the middle, which solves the problem of weak visual effects of the self-luminous materials when the bridge and culvert are bright in the surrounding environment. The combination of self-luminous materials and reflective materials really enhanced the warning effect.

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