New Technology of Self-luminous Emergency Induction System Helps Tunnel Safe Operation

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According to statistics, in the past 5 years (2013-2017), a total of 2391 road traffic accidents occurred in tunnel sections across the country, causing 1,154 deaths and 2,981 injuries. There are many factors that cause accidents. This article only analyzes the factors related to road traffic facilities.

1. The white hole and black hole effect at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, causing traffic accidents because of instant blindness of drivers.

2. The tunnel is a semi-enclosed tubular structure with a monotonous environment and few reference objects, which will cause the driver to misjudge his own speed and distance, and easily lead to driver fatigue.

3. The factors of tunnel lighting facilities, the lighting facilities are affordable, but unable to maintain, and the tunnel lighting is seriously insufficient.

4. The traditional induction products have certain defects in the safety induction of vehicles and pedestrians, and do not have the emergency light Self-luminous function in emergency situations such as power failure.

 self-luminous emergency induction system

"Electro-optic energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system for highway tunnels" includes two parts: the cave entrance induction system and the cave induction system. It uses reflective materials, energy storage self-luminous materials, and intelligent LED control technologies.

By extending the distance outside the tunnel, the cross section of the tunnel opening, the tunnel vault, and the side walls are provided with self-luminous light rings, which significantly increase the brightness of the tunnel, and improve the tunnel environment, increase the recognition of the tunnel, help the driver to improve the line of sight, determine the width of the tunnel, which play an active role in reducing visual and psychological fatigue, and help improve driving safety.

1.The main role of the tunnel energy-storage self-luminous emergency induction system at the entrance

(1) Reflect the arc contours of the cross sections of roads and tunnels, clarify the forward direction, and guide the driver to enter the tunnel safely.

(2) Reduce lane changing behavior at entrances and self luminous exits signs and reduce incidents.

(3) Increase the driver's reference objects, so that the driver has a sense of speed and position, and slows down subconsciously.


2. The main role of the energy-storage self-luminous emergency induction system in the cave

(1) Auxiliary lighting, energy saving and emission reduction.

For the first time, a system solution combining reflective materials, self-luminous materials, and intelligent LED control was applied in the tunnel. A 1km tunnel is about 15 kWh per day (24 hours). It can directly replace tunnel lights in non-high-speed short tunnels, and can turn off more than one-half of tunnel lights in medium-long tunnels.

emergency light Self-luminous

(2) Emergency induction instructions

When the accident lighting is unavailable, the storage self-luminous emergency signs induction system can be autonomously induced for up to 12 hours, which is safer.

(3) Road traffic is safer

The system uses regular induction layout to guide the driver, solve the black-and-white hole effect, increase the recognition of the tunnel outline, help the driver know the width of the tunnel, and play a role in increasing the sense of space (vertical, horizontal, vertical). Reduce the tunnel traffic accidents.

(4) Landscape effect is more significant

The colorful reflective rings juts like a beautiful rainbow. Each time the road tunnel electro-optical energy storage self-luminous safety signs induction system is opened, local people rush to visit, which has become a beautiful landscape in the local area.




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