Research and Application of Safety Signs of light Storage materials and Self-illuminating Materials

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According to the analysis of professionals, in a large number of fire casualties, a half of people died due to the smoke caused  by not timely escaping from the fire.Therefore, it can be seen that safety signs and evacuation facilities are important parts of fire prevention. Whether the design, management, maintenance are perfect and reasonable good or not is directly related to the life safety of people.



Introduction of Development

The self-illumination materials and inorganic light storage materials introduced in this paper are new kinds of materials, which have been successfully developed and actively adopted by different industries in various countries and provided a good way to solve the problem of safe evacuation. In the event of a power failure, the material can store energy and release it in the form of light in the dark, which can indicate the export route with the image of the graphic, stair and floor and so on.


Inorganic light storage materials and inorganic self-luminous materials are made from the rare earth. In the process of production, the rare earth is used as activator and alkali-earth aluminate play as substrates. The products made from these materials used for evacuation such as safety signs have received great attention and application.


Luminous materials


The Features

In the dark, the energy stored in the inorganic self-luminous materials can produce light with a wavelength of 520 nm and the color of the light is yellowish-green, which can be clearly seen by people. Since no new energy is provided in the dark, the luminance will decrease in proportion with time. In the first ten minutes of complete darkness, the luminance will decrease rapidly, and the descending speed will be stable after 30 to 40 minutes.



Processing Method

As the accumulator is an inorganic material and the particles are small, it can be used as an effective filler, which can be filled in a variety of carriers to make semi-finished products that can be made into safety signs.



The Production 

With the increasing demand for self-luminous products, manufacturers of inorganic light storage materials and self-luminous materials are also expanding. As the rare earth produced in China is more than 80 %, the domestic technology keeps a leading position worldwide. In China, there are about 20 manufacturers of self-luminous materials. Among which Globright Co., LTD is an excellent manufacturer.


Luminous materials


The Application

Safety signs can be used in ships, buildings, and its setting plays an important role in safety evacuation. The fact shows that when the evacuation route is close to the ground or so, the self-luminous signs can work well, which can effectively help the  evacuation, avoiding deaths and injuries.


The installation of the safety signs includes the walls and the ground of evacuation routes such as passageways, staircases, and safety exits. According to the specific circumstances, the installation shall enable the on-site personnel to escape to the safety zone in the shortest time and along the shortest route.




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