Research on Highway Tunnel Driving Safety Based on New Interior Materials

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The highway tunnel is a semi-closed space structure, and it is also the throat of highway transportation. Its operational safety research is the focus of highway traffic safety research. In the process of driving the vehicle into the tunnel, the driver mainly obtains external information through vision, so traffic safety is largely affected by the quality of tunnel lighting. The investigation and research show that: reasonable arrangement of the interior materials and lamps of the side walls of the highway tunnel will make the visual brightness conform to the visual adaptation curve of the driver when entering the tunnel, which can alleviate the visual shock caused by the sudden change of brightness. This is great for reduction of accidents; at the same time, unilaterally increasing the entrance section lamp power or related lamp brightness to meet the visual adaptation curve will inevitably lead to an increase in the lighting energy consumption of the entire tunnel. It is inconsistent with current energy conservation which is not environmental friendly. In summary, it is of great significance to study the safety and energy saving under the visual adaptation curve in the lighting environment of highway tunnels.


self-luminous material

The research selected new energy-storage self-luminous materials as the object. Energy-storage self-luminous paint is a kind of high-reflectivity material that has multiple functions of waterproof, fire prevention, luminescence, noise reduction, etc.; energy-storage self-luminous materials can absorbs and stores light energy , and then slowly releases it in the form of visible light in a dark place to achieve the effect of auxiliary lighting. The selected energy-storage self-luminous coating is mainly composed of polymer emulsion, filler, flame retardant, long afterglow luminescent material, additives and water. The main difference between highway tunnel lighting and other lighting locations is that it focuses on solving the light and dark adaptation when driving into the tunnel and the intermediate vision adoption in the middle segment. Compared with ordinary white paint and cement mortar paint, energy-storage self-luminous paint can reduce the discomfort of light and dark change when entering the tunnel; in the middle section, it can maintain a low pupil diameter and pupil change rate.


Based on the basic theory of eye movement characteristics, a quantitative evaluation index for safe gaze area corresponding to the eye ellipse theory is proposed, and the statistical analysis of the parameters such as the number of fixations, fixation duration, pupillary changes, etc. in the corresponding section is performed. The research conclusions are as following:

(1) Under the same conditions, when the driver drives the vehicle through the tunnel lighting environment where using energy-storage self-luminous materials, the number of fixations and the proportion of time in the safe area are higher: indicating that the visual environment is more conducive to the driver’s concentration drive and respond to emergencies in a timely and effective manner.

highway tunnel

(2) Under the same conditions, when the driver drives the vehicle through the tunnel lighting environment where using energy-storage self-luminous materials, the driver’s pupil diameter changes less and remains at a lower pupil diameter level, and the pupil change rate tends to be stable, which is conducive to driving comfort and safety.

(3) Tests show that the energy-storage self-luminous material mainly improves the brightness and uniformity of the brightness in the tunnel.

(4) Analyze of the energy-storage self-luminous material from the lighting theory to improve the characteristics and laws of the spectral distribution in the tunnel, and study this spectral distribution by visual efficacy method to improve the eye movement parameters still need further work.




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