Self-illuminated Fire Hydrant Button

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In today's world, the process of industrialization and urbanization is accelerating. The high-rise buildings and densely populated cities in the world make the load on cities increasingly heavy. The rapid increase in population and industrial development has led to an increase in electricity consumption, but the aging of electrical equipment, inadequate safety protection measures, and human damage or terrorist attacks have all become potential threats to fires in cities. Fires in high-rise buildings will directly endanger the lives of residents and office workers. In order to ensure safety, all buildings must be equipped with fire-fighting systems in order to rescue fires in time in the event of a fire. An indoor fire hydrant is one of the most common fire tools. It generally consists of a water gun, a hose, and a hydrant placed in a hydrant box. When a fire occurs, as long as the glass on the surface of the hydrant button in the hydrant box is broken, the fire pump can be directly started to use fire hydrant for fire fighting and rescue, at the same time the well linkage alarm control host sends out an alarm signal. As we all know, compared to the hose and hydrant inside the hydrant box, the volume of the hydrant button is very small, and the hydrant box itself does not have a light-luminous material device. When the surrounding environment of the hydrant box is relatively dark, it is difficult for people to see the hydrant clearly where the button is. Especially in the event of a fire or power off, if there is no effective location indication, it is even more difficult for people to quickly find the hydrant box and the exit sign symbol in a dark environment. It would delay the fire fighting action and cause huge damage to people and property in the building.


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The present invention aims to solve the above problems, and provides a position display through self-illumination in a dim environment, especially in the case of power off in a fire, to guide people to quickly find a fire hydrant button.


A self-luminous fire hydrant button is provided in a hydrant box, and the characteristic is that a self-luminous material is wrapped on the outer surface of the hydrant button, and the self-luminous surface is a sheet or a block made of a white light-luminous material, white luminous paint, self-luminous paint or self-luminous ink, which is set in the visible range of the surface of the fire hydrant box by coating, inlaying or paste. The self-luminous material is a light-storage type self-luminous material, such as a sulfide series light-storing type self-luminous material. The self-luminous fire hydrant button can illuminate itself at night or in a dim environment without being powered on, thereby having a clear position indication function. The invention provides a simple and effective fire fighting method, which is easy to implement and popularize.


light-luminous material

Since a self-luminous material is equipped on the self-luminous fire hydrant button, the hydrant button can emit light home depot by itself in a dim or dark environment, thereby having a clear position indication function. When a fire occurs, people can clearly know the location of the hydrant button, so that they can quickly break the glass on the surface of the hydrant button, send an alarm signal to the fire control host located in the fire control room. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, easy implementation and promotion.




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