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Perhaps many people do not know the function of "non-radioactive environmental-friendly energy-storage self-luminous materials", but most people remember 9·11 incident in the United States. According to the news from the US World Trade Center security company, the self-luminous emergency evacuation system, which was made in China, enabling 18,000 people to escape from the corridor smoothly during that disaster. Although most companies around the world suffered huge losses at that time, but companies that produces self-luminous emergency evacuation systems, such as luminous exit sign and road tile benefited greatly, and their orders soared after the 9·11 incident.

self-luminous material

As a kind of new materials, "non-radioactive environmental-friendly energy-storage self-luminous material" has a strong market competitive advantage, and the market prospect of which is extremely brilliant.  At the same time, the application fields and scope of energy- storage self-luminous materials have been greatly expanded. The new light material industry is one of the key high-tech industries in China. Though the application field lags behind abroad, China is one of the few countries in the world that can produce luminescent materials. Basically, there are no rare earth material resources in foreign countries. The required luminescent materials must be imported from China. This is our biggest market advantage in producing "luminescent materials". The transformation of resource advantages into industrial advantages and further economic advantages is an important issue in the development of enterprises. Foreign Manufacturers which producing luminous products mainly import self-luminous materials from China.


Non-radioactive Environmental-friendly Energy-storage Self-luminous Material can be widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, commercial places, civil facilities, construction, communications, textiles, building materials, mining, machinery, railways, marine, aviation, hospital, advertising and other fields. Take bicycle as an example, if you transform a common bicycle into a light-emitting bicycle, the added value will be huge. Our country owns the largest number of bicycles in the world, more than 400 million. Since these bicycles are ordinary bicycles with no obvious luminous signs, it is dangerous when driving at night. But if changed into luminous type, these bicycles can glow at night, which are both safe and beautiful. It is very simple to spray ordinary bicycles into "light-luminous bicycles". Therefore, if a large number of bicycles are transformed, the profit margin is huge and the market prospect is broad, so economic and social benefits are obvious.

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It is understood that the American 3M company, which is well-known in the world for reflective products, gains 8 billion transaction value from transportation industry only. In contrast, the market prospects of new energy storage self-luminous products with a wider range of applications are broader. Industry experts estimate that in the future, the market share of industries related to new light-emitting materials will reach tens of billions yuan.

China's current annual production of self-luminous materials is less than 25% of the demand. There is a big gap in the market. And the light-emitting materials produced in China are top-rated in the world.

At the same time, the prices are lower than similar foreign products.

Therefore, the production of light-emitting materials has broad market prospects and application prospects.




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