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Self-luminous Materials Save Lives

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In the September 11th incident, in the case of power off and heavy smoke, at least 18,000 people in the World Trade Center successfully managed to evacuate from skyscrapers in one and a half hours. Does anyone know how the 18,000 people escaped so quickly? When an American reporter asked an American fire expert this question, the fire expert pointed his finger to the east and said, "This miracle happened because in this World Trade Center adopted the ‘Luming’ light-emitting self-luminous safety evacuation sign system from Dalian, China.“ The Self-luminous light invented by Xiao Zhiguo, the chairman of Dalian Luming Luminescence Technology Co., Ltd. The raw materials of the light-emitting glow in the dark Self-luminous safety evacuation instruction sign system were extracted from the rare earth of China. This material can store light when there is light, and emit light when there is dark. After 10 to 20 minutes of light storage, it can emit light for 8 to 12 hours. After 20 minutes of light absorption, it will reach saturation station. The luminous brightness and duration are 30 to 50 times that of conventional noctilucence materials.


self-luminous materials

The early self-luminous materials can be traced back to the radium element discovered by Madame Curie. At this time, the self-luminous materials can be called the first generation of self-luminous materials, which have a certain radioactivity. The second generation of self-luminous materials, that is, traditional sulfide fluorescent materials, has a lot of limitations due to its shortcomings of toxicity, radioactivity, low brightness and short duration. The third generation of light-emitting self-luminous materials was introduced in China in the 1990s. Compared with the previous two generations of self-luminous materials, this material has significant advantages such as non-toxicity and non-radioactivity. The scientific principle is that the electrons of this material can jump from a low energy level to a high energy level and maintain a metastable state for a period of time when there is a light source. When the light source disappears, the electrons can jump from high energy level to low energy level and maintain a kind of metastable state.


When an accident or power outage occurs in a public place, in a completely dark environment, people are prone to be panicky. The light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicator system can provide continuous and clear instructions for people.



This luminescent material can also be evenly distributed in various media as additives to make luminescent paint, luminescent paint, luminescent ceramic, luminescent crafts, luminescent ink, luminescent plastic, luminescent film board, luminescent safety sign, luminescent fiber, luminescent paper and other products. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of building decoration, transportation, military, fire emergency, and home decoration.


At present, European Airbus, Boeing and other large air transport companies have 5,000 major models equipped with self-luminous emergency escape systems produced in China. The standards for luminescent materials in China have been adopted by some European countries as national application standards. I believe that further research and development of self-luminous materials will bring us more surprises.



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