Self-luminous Warning for Automobile Rearview Mirror

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The development of new energy sources and energy conservation have become the common needs of people in the world today. With the maturity of optoelectronic technology, many countries have shifted their research focusing on how to achieve light-to-light conversion of materials, that is, to make light storage  and then emit light.


The early self-luminous materials can be traced back to the radium element discovered by Madame Curie. At that time, the self-luminous materials can be called the first generation of self-luminous materials, which have a certain radioactivity. The second generation of self-luminous materials, called traditional sulfide fluorescent materials, has a lot of limitations due to its shortcomings of toxicity, radioactivity, low brightness and short duration. The third generation of light-emitting self-luminous materials was introduced in China in the 1990s. Compared with the previous two generations of self-luminous materials, this material has significant advantages such as non-toxicity and non-radioactivity.


self-luminous materials 

The light-emitting principle of this material is a microscopic physical process. Due to the characteristics of the structure of the rare earth material: the outer electrons of the atom have a transition from a low energy level to a high energy level under the light, and fall into the structure electron trap, thereby storing light. In the dark, the electrons can recover from a high energy level to a low level, thereby emitting light.


The outstanding characteristics of these colourful luminescent materials are: it absorbs and stores all kinds of visible light during the day, such as daylight, fluorescence, light, ultraviolet light and other stray light. After 10-20 minutes, it can realize the self-luminous function, and it can continuously emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark. And the duration is 30-50 times that of traditional light-emitting materials, and the stability and weather resistance are excellent, which completely changes the deficiency of traditional self-light-emitting materials in applications.


The self-luminous warning of the automobile rearview mirror is a kind of warning supplies for cars at night or in the dark. It includes a fitting surface, a scratch-resistant warning surface, and the warning surface contains a light-emitting self-luminous material.



At present, one kind of warning products for automobiles is made of reflective materials. The reflective materials rely on the illumination of external lights. They do not serve as a warning for places without external light sources. When a parked vehicle turns off its lights, its warning function is lost.


self-luminous material

The self-luminous warning of the automobile rearview mirror solves the above problems, it has a warning effect on other vehicles and pedestrians even when the parking light is off.


It achieves the function by two means. One is adding a light storage self-luminous component to the material of the automobile rearview mirror backing, or coating the surface of the automobile rearview mirror backing without adding the light storage spontaneous component with a paint containing a light storage self-luminous component .


The main advantages of the modified equipment are:

1. The car's own warning function has been added, so that the car does not need to rely on external light sources to illuminate, and can realize the light-emitting warning function for pedestrians and other vehicles when the car is turned off and parked.


2. The warning effect is obvious. Since the car rearview mirror is the most protruding part of the left and right sides of the car, and it is also in the middle and high position, so the warning effect is better than other parts of the car.




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