Standards for Fire Emergency Illumination and Evacuation Indication Signs

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There are places that evacuation illumination should be set:

1. Closed stairwell, smoke-proof stairwell and its front room, front room or shared front room of fire elevator room, refuge walkway, refuge floor (room);

2. Audience halls, exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls, and business halls, restaurants, and studios with a building area of more than 200m²;

3. Underground or semi-underground public activity places with a building area bigger than 100m²;

4. Evacuation walkways in public buildings;

5. Production sites and evacuation walkways in densely populated factories.

evacuation instructions

The minimum horizontal illumination should meet the following requirements:

1. For evacuation walkways, it should not be lower than 1.0 lx;

2. For personnel-intensive places and refuge floors, it should not be lower than 3.0 lx; for elderly care facilities, ward buildings or refuge rooms in operating departments, it should not be lower than 10.0 lx;

3. For stairwells, front rooms or shared front rooms, refuge walkways, it should not be lower than 5.0lx. For crowded places, elderly care facilities, stairwells, front rooms or shared front rooms, refuge walkways, it should not be lower than 10.0lx.


Setting up emergency illumination can make people escape at a faster speed after the normal lighting power is cut off. It is a facility to ensure and effectively guide people to evacuate. Evacuation lighting equipment must be provided at important node locations where personnel must evacuate and places where personnel are relatively concentrated and congestion is likely to occur during evacuation instructions. For places or parts that are not clearly specified in the code, designers should consider setting up emergency illumination based on the actual situation and from the needs of evacuation of personnel.


Evacuation Indication Signs

The installation location of the evacuation instructions is based on domestic and foreign construction practices and human behavior during fires. The specific design can also be combined with the actual situation, and the installation location can be reasonably selected within the scope of the specification, such as being installed on the ground. In short, the signs should be easily recognizable and conform to the habit of looking at the front of the people when they walk.


For the distance of evacuation indication signs, the design should be further reduced according to the size of the trail self-luminous sign and the way of light emission, and the principle of easy identification for people at low illumination conditions.


There are some evacuation instructions on the market that do not meet the standards and cannot function in the event of an accident, which will bring great security risks. Our company's products are fireproof and explosion-proof, with good lighting performance and high safety factor, which are very trustworthy.


Reasonable setting of evacuation instructions can help people to evacuate quickly and safely. In large places, it is difficult to see clearly, people can guided by the evacuation lighting to recognize the walking route and direction, thus shorten the time of finding the safety exit.

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