Status and Trends of Industrialization of New Light Storage Luminescent Materials

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Light storage luminescent materials have a long history of development, the first appeared material is sulfide system light storage luminescent materials. However, the chemical properties of these materials are not stable and the luminescence time is short. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the research and application of new energy-saving, efficient and stable self-luminous light materials.



Development Status of New Light Storage Luminescent Materials

Light Storage Luminescent Materials with Aluminate System

Due to the special composition and structure of the aluminate system, this type of phosphor can resist acid, alkali, radiation, strong. The material can be used in the air and some special environments for a long time. At the same time, due to the stable chemical properties of these materials, it also has the characteristics of high fluorescence quenching temperature, which makes it widely used.

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Light Storage Luminescent Materials with Silicate System

Due to the good chemical and thermal stability of silicate system self-luminous materials, people have paid attention to the research and development of silicate luminescent materials for a long time. The silicate system light storage luminescent material has good chemical stability, strong water resistance, and a wide range of luminous colors. Especially the blue luminescent material fill in the defects of poor blue light performance of aluminate light storage materials. The silicate system material has excellent application characteristics, especially its application in the ceramic industry shows the good high temperature resistance of this type of material.



Development Trend of New Light Storage Luminescent Materials

Although the research and industrialization of new light storage luminescent materials and their products have made great strides in recent years, there are still many shortcomings. Their future research and development trends should include the following aspects.


Study on Luminescence Mechanism of Novel Light-Storing Luminescent Materials

The research on the mechanism of luminescence has not yet established a set of systematic theories with broad meanings. Further research is needed in this regard. The continuous enrichment and improvement of the mechanism will greatly promote the research and application of rare earth long afterglow materials.


Study on a New Type of Three Primary Color Light Storage Luminescent Material

Among the existing red, green and blue luminescent materials, there is still a big gap between blue and red luminescent materials and green aluminate system light-storing luminescent materials in terms of luminescent properties and chemical properties. Therefore, the development and research of new blue and red light storage materials, and the combination of red, green and blue light storage materials to produce a variety of light storage materials will be the research hotspot in the future.

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Expansion of Application Fields of New Light Storage Luminescent Materials

In addition to the fields of fire protection, transportation, instruction, with the deepening of the research on luminous mechanism and industrialization, the emergence of new light storage luminous materials with special functions will guide the further development of high-tech cities, such as anti-counterfeiting, memory, information storage, radiation detection, imaging and other industries. The close cooperation between the research and development of materials and the subsequent work is the key to expand the application of new light-emitting materials.



In a word, since the birth of new light storage materials, they have been the focus of attention at home and abroad. This new material has a huge application space, widely affecting the development of information industry, ecological agriculture, medical care and other industries, and the application field is expanding.




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