Study on Light-storing Self-illuminating Evacuation Indicators

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If counting from the discovery of elemental radioactive rays by the French physicist Henry Becquele in 1896, humans have been studying self-luminous materials for more than 100 years and have experienced three generations of change. The first generation was represented by the radium discovered by Madam Curie, a strong radioactive material that can emit light naturally without external causes. The second generation of fluorescent self-luminous materials, represented by zinc sulfide, which cannot be widely used because of the short luminous time, low brightness, and weak radioactivity of fluorescent products. The third generation of self-luminous materials and their products are using of rare earth-activated alkaline earth aluminates, silicates and other high-tech products without radiation, the appearance of this material has changed the history of self-luminous products that could not be widely used in the past.


At present, light-storing self-luminous signs have received great attention and application in many fields such as fire safety and public information worldwide, and have developed into new fire and safety instructions recommended by fire departments in various countries. Famous buildings, large supermarkets and expressways at home and abroad have successfully applied light-storing self-luminous signs. It can be said that the widespread application of light-storing self-luminous evacuation indication signs in public and civil buildings is a global development trend. This is determined by the characteristics of the light-storing self-luminous material.


self-luminous safety exit sign


Characteristics of Light-storing Self-luminous Evacuation Indicator

1. The light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicator actively absorbs light energy in bright places, and automatically emits light in dark places. When the surrounding environment is bright, it actively absorbs all kinds of visible light, such as daylight, light, and environmental stray light, for 10-20 minutes. After the light is stored, it can automatically emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark. The requirements of the excitation light source are relatively low, and the light emission time is long, which is 30 to 50 times that of the zinc sulfide fluorescent self-luminous material.


2. The light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicator is non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, stable chemical performance, energy saving and environmental protection.


3. The light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicator is with long service life, and can be reused during the life cycle. And the luminous safety factor is extremely high.


4. It is easy to install. There is no need to pre-buried pipelines, and flexible installation can be performed according to actual needs. Different parts such as wall, floor, handrail, and ladder can be installed with light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicators.


5. The light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicator has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, flame resistance and scratch resistance.


6. Low manufacturing cost and maintenance-free for life.


7. The light-storing self-luminous evacuation indicators can be customized according to needs, and the application range is extremely wide.


8. The luminous brightness is higher than that of the zinc sulfide fluorescent self-luminous material.


self-luminous material


Related Standards at Home and Abroad

In the 1960s and 1970s, foreign developed countries successively promulgated some safety sign standards and setting specifications. The International Organization for Standardization also issued safety signs and fire safety sign standards in the 1980s. The purpose is to regulate, visualize, accurately and economically use graphical symbols to express safety messages.


China currently has more than 40 patents for light-storing self-luminous materials, but it is far behind foreign countries in the degree of application of self-luminous materials. The main reason is that the relevant national product design and manufacturing, engineering design and construction acceptance standards are relatively lagging and incomplete. At present, due to the relatively lagging standards in this part of the country, the standards and content standards vary greatly between regions, and many practitioners do not know enough about light-storage self-luminous evacuation indicators.



In view of the great differences in the product quality and technical indicators of various factories in China, the actual application of products from standard content to design, construction, and acceptance varies greatly. The industry must continue to work together to promote relevant departments to develop and improve as soon as possible. 




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