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The Design of Luminous Warning Sign and its Clinical Application Effect

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A safety culture is an act of raising safety to the highest priority. Nurses are the direct providers of patient treatment, nursing and life care. The safety management of nursing work is directly related to the prognosis of patients. In order to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff, we have made improvements and innovations in response to the defects in the use of various existing warning signs in hospitals, and designed the luminous safety warning signs. The warning sign can well strengthen the nursing staff's awareness of the prevention risks, effectively reduce the occurrence of adverse events in hospitalized patients. Because the sign is eye-catching, easy to take, and can glow at night, it greatly reduces the workload of nursing staff, improves the nurse's work efficiency and safety factor, and greatly improves the satisfaction of nursing staff.



The observation team used the luminous warning signs to fix the fan-shaped plexiglass frame to the uniform position of the bedside equipment belt with foam glue, neatly and uniformly. After assessing the patient's condition, the nurse inserts the required name tag into the grid as necessary, and explains to patient or family members in detail about the purpose and significance of the application to obtain cooperation. In daily management, the head nurse puts the built-in small name tag in a place where nurses can easily get, so that everyone knows it and can get it anytime. The control group used traditional safety warning signs.


Nursing safety warning signs are special illumination signs that use text and patterns to place warnings in the work to ensure the safety of clinical care and patients and improve the quality of care. The purpose is to enable people to quickly find or distinguish safety signs and remind people to prevent accidents.


The area of traditional signboards is too large, the production cost is relatively high, it is not suitable for placement and difficult to view at night, also inconvenient to observe. It does not serve as a reminder, and it needs to be replaced after damage, causing unnecessary waste. The luminous safety warning signs we designed and applied are simple to make, bright in color, resistant to temperature difference, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, and can be reused after disinfection, which greatly saves hospital costs and is in line with the low-carbon environmental protection concept. Using the principle of retro-reflective materials to receive light sources and emit light by itself, so people can pay attention to safety prompts without turning on the lights. It plays a role of dark environment warning, and does not affect the rest of the patient. Nurses can be reminded to discover and take corresponding protective measures in time when patrolling wards.


luminous safety warning signs

After the observation group used the luminous safety warning signs, the incidence of adverse events such as pressure ulcers, falls, and falling off of the pipes decreased. At the same time, the luminous safety warning sign facilitates the nurses to observe and care for patients macroscopically and systematically, reduces the time for nursing to travel back and forth, saves labor costs, and effectively prevents the occurrence of errors. The satisfaction of nurses with luminous safety warning signs is relatively high, which shows that luminous safety warning signs have played a substantial role in promoting clinical nursing work.



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