The Function of Evacuation Indication Signs

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The reasonable setting of evacuation instruction signs has an important effect on the safe evacuation. Practical applications at home and abroad have shown that the installation of illuminated evacuation instructions on the ground or on the wall near the ground along the walkway and the main evacuation route is very good for safe evacuation, which can more effectively help people to identify the evacuation direction in time when the smoke is diffused, and quickly evacuate along the self-luminous light to avoid casualties. Above the safety exit or evacuation exit, evacuation walkways shall be equipped with evacuation instruction lights.



Setting principles of emergency lighting and evacuation signs

 (1) In the following places: Public buildings, civil air defense works, enclosed stairwells, smoke-proof stairwells and their front rooms, fire elevator front rooms, shared front rooms, refuge floors, fire control rooms, and own generator rooms , Smoke-proof smoke extraction machine room, fire pump rooms, audience halls, exhibition halls, commercial business halls, restaurants, studios and other densely populated places, basement, evacuation walkways with enclosed stairwells or smoke-proof stairwell buildings, and evacuation walkways and residential buildings in public buildings Inner walkways with inner walkways longer than 20 m, emergency lighting should be installed.

 (2) One-way doors in exits or evacuation routes must be provided with a "push” sign on the door and a "pull" sign on the opposite side. Evacuation doors shall be provided with a "Do Not Lock" sign. A "prohibit to block" sign should be placed in a conspicuous place on the evacuation route or fire lane.

 (3) Evacuation walkways and safety exits for high-rise civil buildings except Class II residential buildings, evacuation walkways for civil air defense works and their intersections, bends, safety exits, etc. shall be provided with light evacuation instructions; theaters, gyms, and more Evacuation aisles and hospital wards, etc. should be equipped with light evacuation signs.


 evacuation exit

Setting requirements of emergency lighting and evacuation signs

 (1) Evacuation signs should be made of non-combustible materials, otherwise a protective cover made of glass or other non-combustible transparent materials should be provided. Emergency lighting and light indication signs shall be provided with a protective cover made of glass or other non-combustible transparent materials.

emergency lighting

 (2) In the evacuation passage, evacuation indication signs (including light type) should be placed on both sides of the passage and on the wall of the bend. The upper edge of the sign board should be no more than 1.00 m from the ground. The sign can also be placed on the ground and covered with a solid non-combustible transparent protective plate. The distance between the signs should not be longer than 20 m. The distance should be no more than 10 m.

 (3) If the height of the ceiling is small, it can also be installed on both sides of the evacuation door. The height of the center point of the sign from the ground should be between 1.30 and 1.50m.

 (4) The height of the lower edge of the evacuation indicator hanging in the indoor hall or aisle from the ground shall not be less than 2.00 m.




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